Summer church Kids Camp

Christian camps provide many of the same physical activities experienced in God’s creation as any other camp, but Christian camps take it a step further. Not only will your child grow physically, mentally and emotionally, but also spiritually.

There are one other feature Christian camps offer too: caring adult role models who are compassionately committed to helping children know and grow in Christ Jesus. Our camp offers something unique and is a great way to also build friendships with other kids at church and have a great time while taking part in fun, hands-on activities. 

FOR: Kids from the age of 7-14

WHEN: August 21-23, 2020

WHERE: Fruit Land Bible Camp


Summer Teen Bible College (TBC)

Joining this Bible College students will be able to learn more about God and meet Him spiritually. Students will spend a minimum of three hours of interactive classroom learning followed by daily after-school activities and along with field trips. All students will be housed in separate homes for two weeks throughout Bible College and students will always be under supervision of their team leaders for the duration of the school. The daily schedule will also include group devotionals, worship, student-led evening services, bible reading, studying, hands-on activities and personal time.

After two weeks of Bible College, students get a chance to go on a trip from Washington State to Iowa for the Western Teen Camp. The camp contains many activities such as swimming, rock climbing, zip lines, competitions and much more, but most importantly prayers and worship. The travel will be about a week long there and back and includes some ministries to certain churches on the way back home, and a trip to Hot Springs.

FOR: Teens from 14-16

WHEN: June 2020

WHERE: Students will be living in separate homes, boys and girls apart, and participate in classes at Messenger of Truth Church.